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CVD ver 2.2 18/May/2010

2020-10-15 22:35
CVD v2.2 2010/05/18 Version

Please update the Firmware of CodeViser after installing the newest CVD.

- Release Note

1. New Items
. Added ‘Check target sleep mode’ in the Debugger Setting Option
. Added Linux Library Debugging Function
. Added Popup Menu related to Linux Task List Window MMU (Scan MMU Pages, Scan All MMU Pages, Kill Task)
. Display the changed contents of Memory View by Color
. Added the Function of Overlaped Line and MultiLine
. Added the Function of Console View Clipkey
. Added the Function of CVD API
. Support CoreSightTM JTAG-AP Multi-Core Debug (ARM11MP Core)
. Added the Function of SWD (Cortex-M3 : 10KHz~20MHz/ Cortex-R4 : 10KHz~50MHz)
. Added the way to Access Memory (AHB, APB)
. Added the Function of Range Breakpoint

2. Changed Items
. Changed the way to manage Hotkey (Added Customize Hotkey Menu, Removed existing Customize Menu)
. Changed the way to display the output of Memory View Compare
. A Variable breakpoint is set by a Range breakpoint
. Improved the Function of Cortex-A, Cortex-R Core Speed Up Mode
. Change the sequence of reading DCC data

3. Fixed Items
. Fixed the problem occurred when the Image of Linux Kernel is loaded twice
. Fixed the problem that the Line is displayed 1 Line fewer than Real Line in ‘Replace in Files’ Function
. Fixed the problem that Data Width is not applied in the Memory Dialog
. Fixed the problem that the Contents of Title is not able to be changed when The Configuration of the Console View is
being modified
. Fixed the problem that the Character of Character Type is transformed twice when the Configuration of Console View DCC
is set up
. Fixed the problem that the Function of Synch Run/Stop is not normally working by Interrupt Service Routine Execution time
in Multi-Core Debugging Circumstance
. Fixed the problem that the Function of JTAG Shift is not normally working by Data Size Error

4. Removed Items
. Removed the Function of Output View Window

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