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CVD_Andes ver1.1 14/Dec/2012

2020-10-15 22:36
New CVD_Andes version 1.1 has been released.
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< The Key Facts of CVD_Andes v1.1>
1. Fixed Bugs
 - BP mark with asm mode is fixed
 - Duplicated line on debug list window when switching asm mode to mix mode
 - Pc line creadted at the part between functions is fixed
 - keep enabling interrupt disable option after connection is fixed
 - Variables on watch window was not displayed is fixed
 - Expanded linux library list limit
 - y.spath + .. is fixed
 - S32 option of MREAD
2. Added
 - sting.lower
 - Expanded comport os PROC.serialport
 - Memory Class(PM,UM)
For more information, please refer to CVD_v1.1_ReleaseNote.pdf and CVD_v1.1 manuals in CVD install directory.(\JnDTech\CVI\CVD_ANDES)

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