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CVD ver3.0 14/May/2012

2020-10-15 22:36
New CVD ver3.0 has been released.
< The Key Facts of CVD ver3.0 version>
1. Newly Added Feature
 - ARM Simlator is supported
 - Memory Abort function for ARM7 Core
 - Memory Access protection function(Cortex-M3S)
 - I-Cache / D-Cache Dump function for Cortex-A7
 - Freeze mode on debugging windows
 - PID sorting on Linux Task List
 - CP register displays in memory window 
 - Support New RTOS(uC/OS-III, FreeRTOS)
 - Add functions for ThreadX 
2. Modified Features
 - Internal communication protocol 
 - The way of supporting menu [Help]
For more information, please refer to CVD_ReleaseNote.pdf and CVD_manual in CVD install directory.
Thank you.

In case of CodeViser that updated firmware after installation of CVD v3.0, it will not connect with the v2.x version of CVD. At this moment, please change to the lower version firmware from CVD v3.0.

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