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MVV310 iNAND(eMMC) Flashloader for bootloader / Script

2020-10-15 22:36
These files are for MVV310 board based on Samsung S5PV310 processor from Micro Vision.

It is a flashloader for 8GB iNAND (eMMC) of MVV310.

You can restore bootloader easily if U-boot of board is deleted.


If your target is S3C6410 processor and has NAND Flash K9F1G08, this material is available.


These attached file is composed following as below.


- MVV310_eMMC_Bootloader.axf : CodeViser FlashLoader for iNAND of MVV310

- MVV310_eMMC_Bootloader.csf : The script file for configurations for flashloader and initialization of MVV310 RAM.


Please follow the steps as below.


1. Run MVV310_eMMC_Bootloader.csf via menu [Program]-[Run script File] on CVD after power the target on. 2. Select u-boot.bin via menu [Prgram]-[Download Binray / Hex File] on CVD, and set download address as 0x4000


** Note : Please make sure certainly to set download address as 0x4000.

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