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CVD64 v1.53 2022/07/20 Release Version

2022-07-25 18:01

CVD64 ver1.53 (20/JUL/2022) Release version has been released.
This is exclusive debugger SW for Cortex-Axx 64bit ARM v8/V9 architecture and different from CVD v3.4 and Pre-CVD v3.x based on ARM v7 32bit.

CVD64 ver 1.53 20/JUL/2022 <========== Click


Please refer to CVD_Quick_Installation_Guide for how to install 
You should upgrade firmware after installing new version of CVD_ANDES

For more information, please refer to manuals in CVD64 install directory
Thank you.

This CVD64 is exclusive SW debugger for Cortex-Axx 64bit based on ARM v8/v9 architecture. If you develop ARM v7 32bit platform, please use CVD v3.4 or Pre-CVD v3.x SW debugger.

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