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CVD ver2.4 28/Jul/2011

2020-10-15 22:35
New CVD version CVD2.4 has been released.


< The Key Facts of CVD v2.4 version>

1. Newly Added Feature
- The following cores/processors are supported.

: Cortex SMP, Cortex-A9 MPCoreSMP4, Cortex-A5, DB8500,

DB8500APE-CORE0/1, DB8500MOD-CORE1/2, PXA920,


- Core Count option on SMP debugging is supported.

- Debugging Windows(Debug List View, Register View, Call Stack) of each SMP core are supported.

- UI (Interval Time of GoStop BreakPoint, Find/Save MMU Table Window, etc ) is supported.

- UI of RTOS Debugging (Display Task ID on callstack View Window, Set Linux Base Path, etc) is enhanced.

2. Revised Features

- Data Output in Memory Abort is improved.

- Debug List View is changed while Target is being run.

- The Huge Download File Option is removed.

For more information, please refer to CVD_ReleaseNote.pdf and CVD_manual in CVD install directory.

Thank you.

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