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CVD ver2.31 04/Mar/2011 Patch Vesion

2020-10-15 22:35
New CVD patch version CVD2.31 has been released.

1. New CVD Funtions
- Added TLB cache for ARM920T, ARM922T
- Added L1 cache for ARM920T, ARM922T, ARM946ES
- Added L2 cache for CortexA8 series.
- Double click on the message bar will show message history
- Added Automatically Refresh

2. Changes
- Support elf images compiled with gcc 4.5.x
- Improved download speed than Ver2.30

3. Fiexed Bugs
- Can’t show local variables specific environment: Fixed
- CSF command VARSTRING: Fixed
- CSF command Mfind: Fixed
- CSF command SECTIONRANGE: Fixed
- CSF command DEBUG.InetrruptRESET: Fixed
- can’t show WINCE 4.2’s task list: Fixed

For more information, please refer to CVD_ReleaseNote.pdf and CVD_manual in CVD install directory.

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