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CVD TriCore ver 1.10 08/JUL/2016

2020-10-15 22:37
CVD TriCore ver1.10 (08/JUL/2016) has been released.
This is exclusive debugger SW for Infineon TriCore AURIX and different from CVD for ARM.
< The Key Facts of TriCore ver1.10 >
TriCore AURIX Simulation support
- TriCore AURIX instruction set including VFP2 & SIMD support
- Source level Simulation support
- Program execution result forecast
TriCore Performance Analysis support
- Output statistics on program execution time by repeating at regular intervals
- Function/Module/Label share measurement
TriCore MCDS support
- Use the MCDS contained therein emulation device  to create Trace Information
- Code Analysis and data verification in Trace window
For more information, please refer to “Release Note” manual in CVD TriCore install directory
Thank you.
This CVD TriCore is exclusive SW debugger for Infineon TriCore AURIX. If you develop ARM platform, please use CVD or CVD64 SW debugger.

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