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CVD ver 3.2 10/DEC/2013 Release Version

2020-10-15 22:37
New CVD ver3.2(2013/12/10) has been released.
CVD v3.2 Download <======= Click
< The Key Facts of CVD ver3.2 new version>
1. Newly Added Feature
 - Cortex-A12 is supported
 - Hyper and Visualization Registers is supported

 - Mcompare command is supported

 - Core.showactive command is added

2. Modified Features
 - Modified bugs from former version
For more information, please refer to CVD_v3.2_ReleaseNote.pdf and CVD v3.2 manuals in CVD install directory.

Thank you.

Please remove the original installed CVD in your PC before install CVD v3.2 because CVD v3.2 has different installation path compared to the original one. It can be removed by Control Panel or using remove button on CVD install package.

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