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CVD_Andes ver 2.01 23/Sep/2014

2020-10-15 22:37
New CVD_Andes version 2.01 has been released.
<The Key Facts of CVD_Andes v2.01>
1. Added
 - Support new cores
   ; N705, N801, N968, N1068, N1337 V2:N1233
 - Support new instruction set
   ; V3,V3m instruction set
 - Support multi core debugging
   ; debug two or many cores which chained into one jtag chain
 - Support automatic PA->VM address translation
 - Added System register files for new cores(N705,N801, N968, N1068, N1337 V2:N1233)
 - General Purpose Register number effected by Reduced Register Configuration setting
 - SWBP works even the code is in cache
 - Single step implemented with hardware single step which supported by EDM
 - CVD status reflected by real target system status
2. Fixed Bug
 - Fixed step over bug
 - Fixed call stack bug
 - Fixed system register index mismatch bug
 - Fixed variable read/write issue on debugging linux application
For more information, please refer to CVD_v2.01_ReleaseNote.pdf and CVD_v2.00 manuals in CVD install directory. (\JnDTech\CVI\CVD_ANDES)
Thank you.

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