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HISILICON HI3520 FlashLoader / Script

2020-10-15 22:36
These files are FlashLoader and script file for HI3520 processor based on ARM1176Jz core and Nor flash(S29GL256N) from HISILICON.

The files can be used for loading a image to NOR flash(S29GL256N) of HI3520 processor, or downloading it.

Execute the script what is included in the attached file by using [Program]-[Run script File].
And Select the binary what you are going to download by using [Program]-[Download Binary / Hex File].

If you need to initialize memory, please use HI3520.csf, and in case you write data to NOR flash(S29GL256N), use HI3520_S29GL256N.csf.

* Make sure to place the initial image what you have, hisiex-dramer, and the script file in the same folder.

** The format of CVD script has been changed from CVD 2.0 version.

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