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MVC100 FlashLoader / Script

2020-10-15 22:35
These files are FlashLoaders and script files for MVC100 board based on Samsung S5PC100 Processor.

The attached file is composed of following as below.



The device file is used for memory initialization without using the script file.

Please copy it in "CVD installation path\device".

- MVC100_Kernel.csf

The script file is used for loading kernel symbol.

Please execute it through menu [Program]-[Run script File], and click go button.


- MVC100_Nand.csf

The script file is used for running the flashloader for nand flash of MVC100 board.


- SMDKC100_2GB_LINUX.axf

The flashloader is used for fusing data to nand flash of MVC100 board.

If your target is based on S5PC100 and has K9F1G08 NAND, This material is available.

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