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CVD64 ver 1.42 06/MAR/2019

2020-10-15 22:37
CVD64 ver1.42 (06/MAR/2019) has been released.
This is exclusive debugger SW for Cortex-Axx 64bit ARM v8 architecture and different from CVD v3.4 and Pre-CVD v3.x based on ARM v7 32bit.
CVD64 ver 1.42 06/MAR/2019 <========== Click
< The Key Facts of CVD64 ver1.42 >
 - Support Cortex-A55/A75/A76
 - Support Cortex-R52
 - Support Linux kernel 4.09~ os awareness
 - Support Icache/Dcache dump(Cortex-A53/A55/A57/A72/A73/A75)
 - If can’t install software breakpoint, then CVD will install onchip breakpoint
For more information, please refer to “Release Note” manual in CVD64 install directory
Thank you.
This CVD64 is exclusive SW debugger for Cortex-Axx 64bit based on ARM v8 architecture. If you develop ARM v7 32bit platform, please use CVD v3.4 or Pre-CVD v3.x SW debugger.

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